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Millionaire Jimi Heselden died this week after a freak accident. Heselden became the owner of Segways about a year ago, and on the 27th of September, while roaming his property on one of his Segways, he fell 80  ft off a cliff, and into a river, and was pronounced dead on the scene. Officials found his body close to his Segway, meaning he was riding his Segway as he fell. Officials say there is no suspicion about his death, and his wife and children have stated to being upset at any accusations.

My thoughts…. 1. How did the owner of Segway not know how to drive his own machine. The trail that he was driving on was rugged and thin, and again, how did the owner of the machines  fail to recognize that his machine is probably not stable enough for these conditions.  2. He is one of the richest men in the world, worth about a quarter of a billion dollars, but officials are not even suspicious that he died while he was alone, and no one saw him fall. 3. Its a huge tragedy to lose this man, for the U.K., Heselden was known for the amounts of money he donated to charities. Just last week he donated 16 million dollars to a community project.

This story is quite ironic, suspicious, and tragic. I am curios to know if there will be any follow up news on the event. I wonder if i am the only suspicious person on the situation. I’m not completely sold that it wasn’t suicide or murder. Am I the only one who thinks this? Anyways, it will be interesting to see if any more news comes out, and I hope more does.


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